Friday, April 20, 2012

Why I, as a woman, love the Stooges - second try!

OK, sorry about that! I gave my last post the, as it turned out, wildly misleading title "Why I, as a woman, love the Three Stooges", but then went off on a rant about how it's OK to love movies that other people don't, etc.

(I won't recap in detail. You can read it yourself if you really want to.)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Why do I say, against all the opinions out there to the contrary, that women can and DO love the Three Stooges?

Well, first of all:  I love the Three Stooges! And dammit, I am a woman!

Second: The Stooges are SWEETHEARTS! They're always trying to rescue little old ladies or fix up pretty girls with their true loves. Plus they're good to have around in case of those occasional plumbing mishaps.

Third: In real life LOTS of women loved the Stooges. They were all married (some more than once - Curly, I'm lookin' at you!) and had kids. So it's ALWAYS been wrong to say that NO women ever loved the Stooges!

Bottom line is: if you're a woman who's always felt kind of "off" because you do indeed love the greatest comedy team that ever drew breath - you're not alone!

Join me in my quest to reeducate the whole darn world!

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