Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fat acceptance, or loving your body the way it is

It's flawed, because we're all sinners. But it's there. For better or worse, it'll be there till the day you die. It's what gets you through the day. So even if it doesn't always work the way you want it to, you treat it with respect and kindness.

No, it's not your cat or dog - or your '05 Toyota Corolla with the lousy paint job.

It's your BODY. You know - the temple of the Holy Spirit? That big fleshy thing that enables you to drive to Starbucks for your morning Breakfast Blend?

(And allows you to receive the Eucharist at Mass or Divine Liturgy - kind of a big deal as well.)

Yeah, that.

So why do so many of us hate our bodies?

And more importantly - why do we encourage other people to hate theirs as well?

Shouldn't we be grateful to have them at all? After all, where would you be without your body today? Just floating around on a cloud somewhere, bored to tears and wishing for some skin, that's where you'd be.

So today, instead of looking in the mirror (or at the scales) and yelling, "I hate my body!", how about looking up at the sky and saying:

"Hey God - THANK YOU for giving me this body! I apologize for anything I've personally done to make it less perfect. But it is what it is. And today, I am so grateful to you for giving it to me! Thank you SO MUCH!"

Couldn't hurt. Now, let's go to Starbucks.

Monday, April 11, 2016

real life parable

(This happened several years ago, yet I think about it a lot. It really encapsulates our whole experience here on Planet Earth, I think. Let me know your thoughts:)

It was one of those depressingly foggy days that strikes Southern California every so often, especially in autumn and winter. As I was slogging into work and dragging myself up the hill to my office, I was feeling pretty gloomy, but then I remembered a similar day a few years ago.

I had been so depressed on that day that I called in sick, got back in my car and started driving aimlessly around the city. Everywhere I went it was grey, foggy and grim. Finally I wound up in La Canada Flintridge (a community near Pasadena) and turned onto the Angeles Crest Highway going north. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so gloomy up there, since there’s lots of trees, and maybe I’d find a coffee shop or someplace with hot chocolate or something.

Well, I drove and drove and drove and no coffee shop, but the road wound up and up and up and UP and all of a sudden – bam! No, I didn’t hit another car – I went through the topmost layer of clouds and there was the sun and the blue sky I’d been craving all day!

It was wonderful, it was beautiful, and it was just what I needed to see. And from that day on, I always remember that no matter how grey and gloomy and depressing it is down here, if you just get up high enough, the sun is always shining. So don’t give up – just keep going.
Well, hello there, friends and neighborinos, nieces and nephewrinos (eww, that didn't quite work, did it?)!

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