Monday, May 11, 2009

The Stoogettes, or Why Not Me?

As long-time readers of my website know, there are plenty of women out there who not only LIKE the Three Stooges, they totally IDENTIFY with them.

Who among us hasn't had a day when she feels like Moe - surrounded by idiots?

Or Larry, who TOTALLY understood the trauma of the Bad Hair Day?

Or Curly, often misjudged because of his weight, even though he was a LOVELY dancer!

Yes, we women have a LOT in common with the Three Stooges!

So why this constant insistence by misguided males like Randy Fiedler of the Waco Tribune that we don't?

I say it's time for a new Three Stooges movie. But unlike
the Farrelly Brothers, I have a vision for something even greater:

The Stoogettes!!!

Yes, that's right - a brand new Three Stooges movie with an all-FEMALE cast!

Why not? I've already picked out two of the leads - and have a modest proposal for the third.

All of which I'll reveal - next week! Nyuk nyuk!