Monday, April 16, 2012

A very Stoogely Monday to you!

Hi everybody!

Hope you're enjoying your Monday. I'm really grateful to the Farrelly Brothers for motivating me (indirectly, of course!) to update this blog after an absence of two years. And I'm sure my millions of loyal followers were just destitute during that time (nyuk nyuk!).

This will be a short post because, like Curly after a run-in with Moe, or Larry after a run-in with Curly, or Moe after a run-in with Larry or Curly, or ... (keep going, knucklehead, you get the picha! nyuk nyuk!), anyway, I'm in HORRIBLE HIDEOUS PAIN.

Fortunately, no one got a grip on my hair, or my necktie - just my knee.

Feels like it's been whacked by a sledgehammer - OWWWW!!

But being a dedicated employee of Cinderella Laminated Shims, I'm powering through till my physical therapy appointment tomorrow.

Wonder if I'll get Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine or Dr. Howard?

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