Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An ode to Will Sasso as Curly, and an apology (of sorts)

Longtime readers of the original Women Who Run With the Stooges page may remember that I had sort of a love/hate relationship with Will Sasso, who’s playing "Curly" in that new Farrelly brothers movie.

The thing is, I got a big crush on him when he was on MadTV because (a) he LOOKED like Curly and (b) I loved me some Curly!

Classic airplane sketch with Will Sasso and "Miss Swan"
(aka Alex Borstein, now the voice of Lois in Family Guy!)

So I set up this auxiliary page called: Hopelessly Devoted to Will Sasso! And a lot of people liked it!

But then – Will changed. And here’s where I’m going to sound like a mean hypocritical bitch, but so be it.
Will Sasso (gasp) LOST WEIGHT!!!

And I might have been able to deal with that - but then he got into this weird pro wrestling thing with some guy named Bret Hart.

And I HATE wrestling.

So I started posting things like this in my "Comments" section:

Oh, and by the way, I no longer care at all, not one itty bitty iota, about Will Sasso, so please stop writing to me and sending me his new web page address, asking me for video clips, etc., or else I will rename the page, "Hopelessly Devoted to KILLING Will Sasso," and then where will my Stooges fans be when I'm languishing in the slammer, and no Martha Stewart in sight to help me make curtains for my barred window?? Think about it!!


Okay, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but please read this carefully before you send me e-mail, okay? I DO NOT HAVE ANY WILL SASSO VIDEOS, CDS, DVDS, TAPES, MP3S, or any other Sasso stuff. I AM NOT IN PERSONAL CONTACT WITH WILL SASSO (despite my best efforts!). Also, I AM NO LONGER HOPELESSLY DEVOTED to Will Sasso, I just keep this site online because a lot of people complained when I deactivated it. So please don't write to me & ask me for Sasso stuff & info - I don't have it and I don't care! (But I don't want to be rude - so let me add, PLEASE! nyuk nyuk!)

Pretty clearcut, eh?

Well - eons passed ("site last updated: November 14, 2004"), and times changed - and hey! So did Will!

Now he’s apparently embraced his inner Curly (yay!) and gained back a little bit of that cute chubbiness (not too much, Will! We want you to stay healthy! Just a little big tummy is fine!).

So whether or not the movie is successful, I’ll tip my pen to Will Sasso and thank him for bringing our beloved Curly back to the big screen, where he belongs – if only for a few short days, before it goes direct to DVD!

Will Sasso IS Curly! (sort of!)

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