Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome, Kindle readers!

If you're reading this, chances are you're reading it on your Kindle. I deduce this because (a) I just made it available for Kindle yesterday and (b) I haven't had a whole lot of hits here lately (nyuk nyuk!).

So WELCOME! And thanks for giving my blog a chance. I know it's always a gamble, subscribing to a blog on the Kindle, when you could just as easily get it for free online. (Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that!) But hey, you get that great 14-day free trial, so please - gimme a chance! I'll do my best to make it worth your while!

A little background: My name is Christine Lehman, and a looonnnnggg looonnggg time ago - way back in the previous century - there was this thing called the Internet. It was brand new and really cool. One night, while sitting in my un-air-conditioned apartment near downtown Los Angeles, watching "Sex and the City" on my 13-inch portable TV (fun fact: the cable cost more than the rent), wearing a red silk nightgown and drinking Two Buck Chuck, I mused on something I'd heard earlier that evening on Seinfeld: "Women do NOT like the Three Stooges!"

I looked at myself in the mirror. Boobs - check. No penis - check. And yet, I liked the Three Stooges. "Hey!" I sputtered (spilling some of my precious precious wine). "Ain't I a woman?"

Yes indeedy! And thus a website was born: the non-infamous Women Who Run With The Stooges!

It became an instant hit - well, sort of. Nowhere near as much of a hit as the Hamsterdance, or Eric Conveys an Emotion.

But still, I got a respectable 20,000 hits within a couple of years. Which sounds laughable today, but hey, as someone who was kind of unpopular in high school (and junior high, and grade school, and probably in the womb), I was thrilled! I felt like Sally Field ("You like me!")

I even got interviewed! Not once, but twice! Once by a newspaper in Cleveland (I think), and once by a radio station in Florida (I think). I tried to save the data but it's gotten lost in the mists of time.

Still, it happened! Really!

The only thing that didn't happen was that I didn't impress the guy I was currently dating* enough to make him KEEP dating* me. We broke up and I moped around for a while, till I met the guy I'm currently dating* (and married to!).

More on the history of the Stoogeswoman - and some cool stuff about the upcoming movie - next post!

*(and yes, "dating" is a euphemism for something else! Use your filthy imagination!)

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