Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Reviews - kinda meh so far!

Well, the first reviews are starting to trickle in and so far it’s looking kinda iffy for our (new) Guys!

It’s about 50/50 on the “Rotten Tomatoes” website.

However, upon closer examination, I think there’s grounds to disqualify at least one of the negative reviews – specifically, that of the otherwise great and incomparable Roger Ebert.

Now I don't know about you, but when I read this review, the first thing that jumped out at me was:

“Growing up, I missed the whole Three Stooges thing. Either they weren't on the station in my hometown, or we hadn't bought a TV set yet, or they came to town too late for me. I'm pretty sure that at the right age, I would have loved them.”

Hey, wise guy! No one who didn’t – or doesn’t – appreciate the comic genius that IS (er, was) the original Three Stooges should have the authority to sit in judgment on this movie!

Rog, you’re a genius, and all due respect & etc., but frankly, since you blatantly admit you don’t like the Stooges anyway, you should have just recused yourself from this review, like any self-respecting judge!

Anyway, he goes on to say he “didn’t laugh much” (uh oh, Farrelly Bros., not a good sign since this is supposed to be a comedy, I think), and concludes:

“I don't think the Stooges are funny, although perhaps I might once have. Some of the sight gags were clever, but meh. The three leads did an admirable job of impersonation. I think this might be pretty much the movie Stooges fans were looking for. I have no idea what their children will think about it. I guess what I'm wondering is, was it really necessary?”

Awwww, come on, Rog! It’s ALWAYS necessary to remind the public what great talents the Three Stooges were! And if it takes a crappy mid-level modern-day remake to do it, then I’m all for it!

I’ll keep you posted if any better reviews come out – by anyone who actually LIKES the Stooges fawgawdsake …

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