Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Horrors, I forgot to blog this week!!

Actually, I didn't forget. I just kept remembering, and then telling myself what a horrible person I was, and then going to Thinks.com to play yet another game of checkers with the soulless computer I like to call "You Idiot!"

And speaking of games - did you know there is an official Stooges version of the classic board and dice game Yahtzee?
And this too!

That's a little less surprising, given how many weird versions of Monopoly are out there. You can even get "Anti-Monopoly":

And do you think the Parker Brothers care? I don't. I bet they love it. They're probably rolling in dough no matter who uses the name "Monopoly", or how, as long as they pay the royalties.

Which (to get back to the Stooges, which is, after all, what this blog is supposed to be about) is probably how the Howard and Fine descendants feel about the Movie - no matter how crappy it is, they get some dough.

And they deserve it too! I would, however, suggest they check to make sure the cash doesn't look like this:

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