Sunday, January 17, 2016

Aunt Chrissy gets crafty!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to "Aunt Chrissy's Words of Wisdom"!

I'd like to tell you about some of the crafts I've been working on since my last post.

"If you must draw flowers badly, at least draw them boldly." - Martin Luther, badly paraphrased
First of all, I'm continuing to work in my sketchbook. I was inspired by a couple of people online: the great Lynda Barry, and a gentleman named Danny Gregory, whose "Sketchbook Skool" I highly recommend.

Second, I started making jewelry - specifically, rosaries. You see, I used to make them when I was in high school (a loonnng time ago!) and was delighted to find that the same company I'd bought my Rosary Kits from then, Lewis and Company, is still in business with a great website.

Rosary I made, in my high school colors. Go Sacred Heart Gremlins, Amen!

Then, after making rosaries for a while, I got interested in jewelry making in general, and started teaching myself different techniques. Being a cheapskate, I am trying to learn on my own, from books and online videos.

And related to that cheapskate mentality is my latest hobby: making PAPER beads! Who knew? Well, apparently a lot of people - I'm always the last one on the bandwagon.

Paper beads from old music sheets. What a concept!
Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable pastime and I highly recommend it - and will probably post about it ad nauseum, till I find something else, or win the lottery.

Anyway - that's what's up with Aunt Chrissy!

So - what's up with YOU??

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