Monday, June 1, 2009

We interrupt my plans for an all-female Three Stooges movie (The Three Stoogettes) to bring you ...

... this amazingly cool video which I found on Youtube today!


Meanwhile, the plot's thickenin' - that's "th", not "s" (nyuk nyuk!) - in re: the Three Stoogettes movie! In case you've forgotten, in my last post wayyyy off in the distant past, I promised to reveal my proposed cast.

Well, I'll do that next time. However, let me just say that after her unfortunate breakdown following the RIDICULOUSLY STUPID failure of "Britain's Got Talent" to award her their top prize, I've decided not to cast dear Susan Boyle in the "Larry" role, as I'd originally planned.

Not that I don't think she'd do a super job, but frankly, it looks like she needs some time away from show biz.

Hang in there, sweetie! The whole world knows you got done dirt! Don't let it keep you from recording your album - some of us have already put in
our pre-orders!

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