Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle: The Revenge of Hyacinth Bucket!

Wow, Stooges fans and others - have you seen this video of Susan Boyle yet?

If not, go ahead and watch - I'll wait.

[thumbs twiddling]

Oh, you're back? Great! Well, wipe the tears from your face, and tell me if that isn't the most WONDERFUL thing you've seen in a long time? Because I know it sure is for me!

I have watched that video so many times I've lost count - and I always, ALWAYS cry at that wonderful moment when the music comes up, Susan begins to sing, and the jaws start dropping!

Which made me think - one of the reasons people may have been skeptical about Susan being a good singer (before she opened her mouth!) is that she bears a striking resemblance (IMHO) to one Hyacinth Bucket:

So when the judges saw her, they were sort of primed to react like Emmett - as were we all!

But Susan, wonderful Susan, proved to be Hyacinth's Revenge!

See, there's this idea that us horizontally challenged women over a certain age are just naturally objects of ridicule. Of course it's unfair. But it's the way things are.

Until now!

Susan, you did it! When you broke through that wall of contempt and made that audience your own, you did it for all of us Hyacinth Buckets* out there!


(* Sorry - that's BOUQUET!)

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