Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farrelly Brothers and MGM making new Stooges movie!

WOW! A new Three Stooges movie is in the works over at MGM - and produced by the (in)famous Farrelly brothers!

Now, this could be really good ... or really awful.

Kinda like that Gawdawful Kevin James movie, "Mall Cop" (shudder), which I VERY reluctantly plugged back on the old side ... and really wish I hadn't).

So ... we'll see!

I do kinda like the idea that it's not another biography of the Guys, like the one produced by Mel Gibson back in 2000.

Which was actually pretty good. So I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. (Unless you just have nothing better to do - always a possibility in this economy!)

So good luck, Farrellys! We hardcore, never-say-diet Stooges fans wish you only the best!

Just don't blow it, knuckleheads!!!

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